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Aideen Coates-Farrell Registered Physiotherapist
Aideen Coates-Farrell
Chartered and state registered Physiotherapist
MSc Physiotherapy
BSc(hons) Sports Rehabilitation
member no.: 15899
member no.: PT 37193

My entry into a career in healthcare and fitness began in 2002 when I studied Physiology and Sports Rehabilitation at IT Carlow. During this four year degree I gained a great interest into the human body, a lifeguard certificate, a National Certificate in Exercise and Fitness as well as internships in the Athletic Therapy department of a Pennsylvanian university and in South Africa’s prestigious High Performance Centre.

I emerged in 2006 with a 2.1 honours degree and my first full time job. Under guidance of an experienced physical therapist I worked in a private practice as a graduate sports rehabilitator for 2 years before setting my sights on further learning and experience.

In 2008 I headed for Australia, which at the time was the leader in musculoskeletal research and sports physiotherapy. Over two years I was fortunate to work alongside some of Australia’s finest physiotherapy graduates improving my hands-on and reasoning skills greatly. This was where much of my clinical pilates training for mat-work as well as reformer, cadillac and wunda chair programming was completed.

Having the desire to increase my knowledge further, I exchanged my life Down Under for the hills of Yorkshire. Through the University of Huddersfield I completed my postgraduate diploma (2012) and subsequent Masters (2016) in Physiotherapy gaining valuable clinical and teaching experience in both the public and private sectors along the way.

I spent much of these postgraduate years improving my understanding of the modern neuroscience of pain, injury and recovery. I’ve also completed additional study in the area of Women’s Health and on injury in our younger adults and look forward to sharing this specialist knowledge with you.

Developing a deeper knowledge of the brain and psychosocial aspect associated with pain as well as other physical symptoms, made me, at times, query some of my traditional physiotherapy practices so I sought once again more formal study. As a result 2018 took me to Ecuador where I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training qualification, a path which I intend to delve further into as another adjunct to my skills.

After embarking on this professional journey I now finally feel equipped to have my own business and help you with your physiotherapeutic journey.

Cyrielle Baiwir
Chartered and state registered Physiotherapist
MSc Physiotherapy
member no.: 17112
member no.: PT 046425

Hi, I’m Cyrielle, I’m a Belgian physiotherapist excited to be setting up home in County Clare. After a road trip with my best friend in 2016 I completely fell in love with Ireland, it’s culture, adorable people and breathtaking landscapes.

I graduated in 2014 after 4 years of study in La Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège in Belgium with a masters in physiotherapy. After graduation I gained fabulous widespread experience in CHR de la Citadelle in Liège. This large hospital enabled me to work as part of a great multidisciplinary team and develop my skills across all disciplines of physiotherapy including respiratory, paediatrics, neuro and orthopaedics.

During my studies I was especially interested in the urological and gynaecological field and began training in pelvic floor rehabilitation for women by EIRPP in France. I kept adding more qualifications including pelvic pain, sexology, pelvic floor rehabilitation for men and anorectal rehabilitation. For the past 5 years I have been working in private practice alongside a gynaecologist which enables me to work with women through the whole pregnancy journey from delivery preparation to postnatal care as well as later in life stages including peri-menopause and post surgery.

I am proud to be in a position to inform and raise awareness about the issues that men and women during all life stages can have around the pelvis. It’s important to know that you can get help. As a physiotherapist I assure you I will be attentive, supportive and discreet with your information with no judgement.

I love to learn and regularly update my skills through personal study and professional courses. In my spare time I am very active. I enjoy hiking, running, horse riding, gym and dancing (Tango, salsa, bachata, kizomba….all kinds of dancing) And I definitely want to give Irish dancing a try. I love travelling and discovering other countries and cultures, good food and drinks. I can bake you desserts but don’t ask me to cook!

Éadaoin McNamara
Graduate physiotherapist awaiting registration
Pilates Instructor
member no.: 17112

I am a recent graduate physiotherapist. I am delighted to be working in YOUtherapies as a Physio Assistant to Aideen and Cyrielle until my CORU registration is processed.

I have always had a keen interest in the human body and how it works. I graduated in 2015 with a 2.1 bachelor's degree in Physiology from Trinity College Dublin. Since then, I have spent time working in the Pharmaceutical industry in both Ireland and Australia. Although I gained great experience in this sector, I knew I was best suited to work with people and always had the hope of returning to study physiotherapy. I spent time travelling and backpacking my way through Asia in 2018 and 2019 before landing in Australia where I lived for just over a year.

On return to Ireland, I made the decision to return to my studies. I have gained a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Limerick in 2024. During my masters, I gained invaluable experience on my placements. I worked in the Oncology ward in University Hospital Limerick where I gained experience in the role of physiotherapy in cancer care, rehabilitation and frailty management. I gained neurological rehabilitation experience while on placement in the specialised Acute Stroke Unit in St Lukes Hospital in Kilkenny. I was lucky enough to complete my final placement in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy here in YOUtherapies.

In addition to my physiotherapy studies, I completed my STOTT pilates training in Dublin in 2022. I have been teaching pilates classes here in YOUtherapies since 2023.

Personally, I love to keep active myself with activities such as hiking, running and swimming. I love music, reading and travel. I enjoy continuing to learn and look forward to building my physiotherapy experience here in the coming months and years!

Jan Hickey
Clinic Administrator

I hail from Cork but after developing a grá for County Clare during my undergraduate in U.L. I decided to follow my heart and move to the banner county. Having grown up in a family business, I love to work for small companies that make a big impact on the local community. Hiking in nature is my happy place. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about our services, I'm here to help.

Paula Sicard
Psychologist, Master in Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence.
Registered as a Graduate Member at the Psychological Society of Ireland.

I nowadays consider myself a citizen of the world with Colombian, Venezuelan and Irish nationalities. I graduated as a Psychologist in Venezuela in 1996 and have accumulated more than 26 years of experience in different areas related to my profession, from the organizational to clinical and counselling. 

Besides my studies in Psychology and Psychotherapy Techniques and being a passionate and curious student I have never stopped learning, so I also hold a Specialization in Marketing and certification as a Children Storyteller, being one of my biggest passions to write stories for children which I also use in my therapy sessions.

I work with adults, children and adolescents, applying a holistic and systemic approach and integrating different resources and techniques I have prepared myself on and applied during all these years like Narrative Therapy, Bioneuroemocion®, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Play Therapy, therapy with dolls (Playmobil), Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychoanalysis, among others. 

I am also an experienced facilitator and communicator and love guiding workshops and group therapies which are perfect to complement the healing process towards an integral wellbeing. 

To book with me or find out more about the counselling therapy that I and Kintsugi Wellbeing provide at YOUtherapies click here.

Silvia Tortajada Millán
Silvia Tortajada Millán
Transpersonal Therapist, Master in Conscious Couples and Sexuality (2022)

Diploma in Psychology of Counselling from NUIG (2017)

I was born in Madrid, Spain. Arrived in Ireland 26 years ago and worked for Aer Lingus as a cabin crew member for 23 years. From that time, I have wonderful memories meeting and caring for people from all over de world.

My passion for learning about the human condition started in Madrid where I studied Social Science. In recent years, my interests have progressed towards the field of Psychology and Personal Development, with a particular fascination for couples counselling. My main objective is to help them learn how to build healthy and happy relationships. Currently, I am studying with the Gottman Institute Level 1 and 2 of Clinical Foundations in Gottman Couples Therapy.

After going through difficult experiences in life, my aim has always been the search for meaning and purpose. I believe we all have an endless source of unconditional love and peacefulness that lies deep inside of us, ready to be explored. Basically, I have explained what Transpersonal Therapy is in a nutshell.

I work with adults, (English and Spanish) who are experiencing depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and general dissatisfaction in their life or/and in their relationships. Single people struggling to meet a special someone in their lives. Applying resources and techniques like systemic therapy using Playmobile dolls, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Lately, I have been facilitating group therapy sessions, creating and presenting workshops in various topics, as well as guided meditation sessions; which are perfectly aligned with the healing process to promote the integration of all the individual parts achieving wholeness, connection and self-awareness.

To book or find out more please check out the Kintsugi website.

Cyrielle, Thank you so much.

My body post pregnancy felt like a battlefield – needless to say that it felt like I had lost that particular battle – but your exercises helped me get back in shape and strengthen my pelvic floor to the point that I'm not afraid of sneezing in public anymore! Your exercises are clear, precise and – most importantly – efficient, your smile made it nearly close to pleasant! Oh, and my hubby is also quite grateful!

High standards of hygiene

I’m fairly fit for an old one (54) but I am aware that walking only makes you fit to walk! About 2 years ago I had a back injury in no small part due to a long career of nursing and although I didn’t require surgery I had physio, acupuncture and a nerve block. All of the people I went to told me that flexibility and a strengthened core were so important as we age.

I started with Aideen a year ago and I do one Pilates and one yoga class a week. I love the class it’s fun and she gets me working muscles that never moved before. I equally love the place as I suffer a little with OCD so cleanliness is a priority to me. Aideen pre and post Covid has high standards of hygiene controls in place. I am delighted with the progress I have made and hope to have Aideen coach me for a long time.

Challenging, enjoyable and energising

I have seen Aideen for physiotherapy treatment for various issues over the years and each time her expertise and knowledge has helped me overcome my problems. She inspires confidence and is meticulous and professional in her approach to getting you mobile again. I also attended her Pilates classes which she led with the same attention to detail. Whilst always challenging, her individual advice and direction ensured the greatest benefit was gained, and her great personality guaranteed they were fun!

When Aideen moved back to Ireland it was definitely a case of ‘Yorkshire’s loss is County Clare’s gain’. So it was great to hear Aideen was offering video classes and I tried one last week. It was a challenging, enjoyable and energising session which worked really well and I am looking forward to the next one! I can’t recommend Aideen highly enough for either her classes or her physiotherapy services!

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