Whether you are currently experiencing pain or symptoms or you’re more looking to prevent future problems; then YOUtherapies has the expertise and time for you.

By making your booking online today you can get the best appointment slot for your needs. You will be taken to your personal booking portal where you will create a login and complete your booking. This booking portal will open up in a new tab.

The benefits of booking online:

  • You take action to improve your health now.
  • Book from the comfort of home while you have access to your diary.
  • More choice of times with access to slots reserved for “online booking only”.
  • Pay for your session with debit or credit card using Stripe, a quick and secure payment system.
  • All of your invoices, receipts and appointment details are stored securely in one place for convenient future access.
  • Easy ability to change or cancel your appointments.


How long are consultations at YOUtherapies?

Your initial assessment will be around 60-70 minutes. Depending on the complexity of your condition time may vary slightly. Exactly what is covered in this time will depend on your presentation and your goals.

Your standard follow-up appointment will be 30-45 minutes. If you and your physiotherapist feel longer is required there may be an additional fee.

What is the cancellation policy at YOUtherapies?

You are required to give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment or else you will be charged 50% of the session fee.

If you fail to show for an appointment you will be charged the full fee.

Will I receive treatment at my first appointment?

Whether hands-on or exercise treatment is given during the first session will depend on the complexity of your case and hence the time required for assessment. You will receive some form of education, advice and plan for treatment at a minimum.

If you are having a videoPHYSIO consultation your treatment/exercises may be done with you on the video call or they might come in email format afterwards.

Do I need to book for the classes?

Yes, you must book for the group based classes to ensure that the numbers are kept to an amount that is beneficial to YOU. If you have a repeat booking you should let your instructor know as soon as you do if you can’t make it so someone else can take your space. Please contact us or check out our booking page for more information about when and where these classes are on.

You can book online here.

Where are you based?

YOUtherapies is located at Claureen House, Lahinch Road, Ennis, Co. Clare, V95 Y330. Enter V95 Y330 into google maps/sat nav. 

For directions click here

How does videoPHYSIO or telehealth work?

For convenience to people who might not have time or are unable to leave home an online videoPHYSIO consultation can be very beneficial. You would need some device with a camera – a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. The larger the screen the easier but not essential. You will be sent a link to access the session in advance. You shouldn’t need to download any additional software. Once the videoPHYSIO is connected the session works similar to an in-person session in that we discuss your concerns first and then you will be asked to do certain activities or movements. Your physio will be taking notes at the same time just like in person. You might work through your rehabilitation during the call as well or will be sent some exercises or things to work on in a follow up email.

I’m not great with technology. Can I come see you in person?

Physiotherapy as a healthcare profession is seen as an essential service and so face to face sessions are currently allowed and available to you with extra health and safety measures in place to keep us all safe. Please wear your mask correctly for the entire duration of your visit

You should not attend in person if you have any symptoms of covid19. If you have:

  • a fever or increased temperature
  • a cough.
  • a sore throat.
  • a loss of taste or smell (different to your normal)
  • shortness of breath (different to your normal).
  • a positive antigen or pcr test
  • been in close contact with anyone who has the above mentioned symptoms or a diagnosis of covid 19 in the past two weeks.

Will videoPHYSIO help my injury?

As with any intervention there are many factors involved in getting a positive outcome. You can be assured that you will still be seen by the same experienced, knowledgeable and caring physio and for the same time. You will get 100% attention during the session and even more support after and between sessions if needed. Have a look at Aideen’s post on the evidence behind videoPHYSIO if you need further rationale.

Can I claim for your services on my health insurance?

If you have physiotherapy cover in your insurance policy then more than likely yes. Insurers do vary in how much they reimburse you, what information they require on the receipt and what conditions are and aren’t covered. You should check with your insurer first.

One of our clinicians, Shauna is a registered Athletic rehabilitation therapist rather than a physiotherapist. She is still educated to a degree level but her qualification may not be recognised by your insurer so they may not include cover for treatment provided by her. It is your responsibility to check with your insurer first. Feel free to ask for another clinician.

You might also get some tax relief if your GP has advised physiotherapy.

Can you refer me for a scan?

Generally no, but in response to the covid pandemic Laya healthcare have agreed to cover MRI referrals for certain body parts to Alliance medical for the time being.

A physiotherapy consultation would be a good place to start though if you think you might require a scan. Physios can help you determine if further investigation would be useful.

Can I attend a group class on a PAYG/casual basis?

This depends on availability. Classes are run over 5-8 week blocks and are generally full as numbers are very limited. Those people who have signed up for the block have priority attendance. If someone can’t attend or if a class is not full there may be a space for casual attenders. We recommend booking on for the full block to avoid disappointment. Most classes are full but we will announce when new spaces are available to those on our mailing list first and then on social media.

To join our mailing list .


Some classes are online only, some in studio only and some a mix of both. Classes are run over 5 or 6 week blocks depending on calendar. Recorded options also available. Check the booking portal to see.

1:1 or family group in studio sessions available on request




10.00 am

YOU and baby progressed
Studio – Cyrielle

11.00 am

Morning mobility
Online – Aideen

6.30 pm

Online & Studio – Aideen

7.45 pm

Studio – Aideen


10.30 am

Morning mobility
Studio – Cyrielle

6.30 pm

Studio – Cyrielle


10.15 am

YOU & Baby
Studio – Cyrielle or Aideen

11.30 am

Morning mobility
Studio – Aideen

6.30 pm

Studio – Aideen

7.45 pm

Online & Studio – Aideen


12.30 pm

Neuro Rehab
Studio – Aideen & Cyrielle

5.45 pm

YOU & Bump
Online & Studio – Cyrielle

7.00 pm

Studio – Cyrielle


11.00 am

Happy Healthy Hearts & Bones
Studio – Aideen

Which class is right for YOU?

PhysILATES – This Pilates based class aims to help you improve your flexibility, mobility, core strength and posture.

phYsiOGA – A flowing yoga based class including strong deep stretches and postures to challenge your stamina and concentration. This includes breath work and meditation as well as the movement practice.

Morning Mobility – Mix of pilates and yoga to help get you moving more and feeling freer. This class can be a nice place to start if you’re new to these type of practices. A great start to your day.

Power PhysILATES – A challenging varied PhysILATES class working on the whole body to enhance your strength using some small equipment such as therabands and pilates rings.

YOU and baby – If you have recently had a baby this 6 week postnatal physiotherapy program is designed for you.
You will learn pelvic floor and abdominal muscle self checks as well as scar management advice. We use pilates and yoga based practices to safely progress you to return to exercise/sport.

YOU and bump – The class is ideal to keep you active and prepare you for birth and beyond. You will focus on building awareness and strength of the pelvic floor, tummy and breath connection. You’ll work on strengthening your arms and posture getting you ready to carry and cuddle. And you’ll challenge your general fitness and flexibility keeping you healthy for your pregnancy and ready to birth baby.

Happy Healthy Hearts and Bones – This mix of cardio and resistance training is ideal for older adults perhaps with joint pains, arthritis or osteoporosis. You will build strength while increasing flexibility and mobility to keep you moving well and healthy.

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