YOUtherapies postnatal
YOUtherapies postnatal

If you’ve recently had a baby this 6-week postnatal physiotherapy program is designed with you in mind.

It aims to provide you with information and education about pelvic health and rehabilitation postpartum.

  • you will learn pelvic floor and abdominal muscle self checks and as well as plenty of exercises and scar management advice.

  • you will use pilates and yoga based practices with progression to early stage impactive loading with the view that you will all know how to safely return to running or other intense sports.

  • you will have access to prerecorded educational topics sure to answer many of the questions that you might have.

Professional, thorough, and completely client focused

Aideen in YOUtherapies is just fantastic. She is professional, thorough, and completely client focused. Having recently undergone a C section, I attended her mama and babies postnatal Pilates group. After 5 weeks of classes I see a huge difference in my strength and I credit Aideen with the difference. Classes are also lots of fun and I really enjoyed them! Can’t wait for the next round already!

Sarah Power
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