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YOUtherapy - Physiotherapy services in Ennis, county clare
YOUtherapy - Physiotherapy services in Ennis, county clare

Physiotherapy, often referred to as physio, is a service provided by qualified registered healthcare professionals. Physiotherapists help individuals maintain or improve their mobility, physical activity and functional ability. In Ireland the physiotherapy profession is regulated by CORU. This regulation ensures that your physiotherapist is appropriately qualified and follows the highest level of professional standards thus ensuring that you receive the best possible care. The Irish society of chartered physiotherapists is the national professional body that represents physios.

With an educational background in physiology, pathology, musculoskeletal injury, psychology, neurological and respiratory disease, your physiotherapist is perfectly equipped to help you with your injury concerns. They will use the information gathered during your assessment as well as scientific evidence and best practice guidelines to provide you with answers and help you come up with solutions and a rehabilitation plan to reach your goals.

Treatments might include education, exercises, massage, dry needling, taping, goal setting support, referral to other health or fitness professionals.

Physiotherapy at YOUtherapies can help you with your concerns such as:

your chronic pain

You do not need to live with your pain. There is lots of exciting neuroscience research emerging all the time of ways to decrease and improve your tolerance and even eliminate your pain, whether it be from arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, slipped discs, rheumatism, complex regional pain syndrome or RSI. All you need is an open mind and patience and we will help you to understand how to feel better.

your sporting injury

Whether you are a highly trained competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or your most strenuous sport is mowing the lawn you will be given the same level of care and respect and treated based on up to date evidence.

Your physiotherapist has a vast amount of experience working with amateur and professional athletes across all sports including athletics, cycling, rugby, swimming, dance, fishing and tennis.

Perhaps you’re not actually injured but want to ensure you are doing the best activity for your body or you want to train for a new physical challenge YOUtherapies can advise and support you in your training and rehabilitation journey.

The PhysILATES and phYsiOGA classes held at YOUtherapies’ may also be of interest to YOU.

your pregnancy journey

There are many changes that you will experience during and after this momentous time. You’ll have plenty of questions and probably be offered many answers to confuse you even more. If your questions are in relation to aches, pains, weakness, toileting changes, exercise or relaxation then YOUtherapies will have the answers for you.

Pelvic girdle pain and dysfunction, neck and shoulder tension, carpal tunnel syndrome are common complaints during and after pregnancy but lucky for you there are physiotherapy strategies that can help.

Changes to bladder and bowel and sexual function are even more common and often negated as being part of the process of having a baby. Do not accept this. Urinary leakage beyond 6 weeks after delivery is not okay and physiotherapy can help.

You can schedule a pregnancy assessment where you can discuss any concerns or queries that you have and will receive personalised guidance about the best exercises or management strategies for you.

We also run a specific post-natal group program and a follow on pilates class that you can bring your baby to. Click here to book your live or online classes.

your adolescent child’s injury

Training intensity and academic expectations can be stressful physically and emotionally on adolescents. Coupled with musculo-skeletal and hormonal changes, it can sometimes be too much for their young bodies. Aideen’s post graduate study and experience with adolescents will ensure that your child gets the best assessment and care.

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your golden years

At YOUtherapies we want you to feel happy and enjoy growing up. If you have any concerns about aging, hormonal changes, bits that are sore or creaking or not working as well as you would like, YOUtherapies’ physiotherapist can help.

Conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence  and falls are all more prevalent as we age. However, the symptoms of all these conditions and the effect on your quality of life can be lessened with physiotherapy. It really works. Age should not be a barrier to attending or making improvements with physiotherapy, no matter how long the history and how old you are. Do you want to feel strong and steady?

A personal physiotherapy consultation will allow us to understand your fears and goals and enable us to lead you toward ways of moving and feeling better. Or maybe some of the group classes may sound more suitable for you.

your understanding of conditions

Getting a diagnosis from a doctor or a letter with your MRI results can often leave you scared and sometimes more confused than before you got it.

At YOUtherapies your physio will be able to talk you through what all the medical mumbo jumbo means in simple language and explain what your options or the likely plan of action would be.

Do be aware that many scan and XRay results show up changes that might sound scary but in fact are very normal. Imaging can be helpful in some cases but it should always be analysed with caution in connection with your individual story.

After you discuss your physiotherapy concerns with your physio you will work together to set goals and make a plan for recovery. Treatments may include education and self-management guidance, exercise therapy and manual techniques such as joint mobilisations, massage, dry needling or taping.

Testimonial Quote

I can't recommend Aideen highly enough

I can’t recommend Aideen highly enough. I have attended her postnatal classes, PhysILATES and also one to one physio. I have recommended Aideen to friends and family and always get great reports back. Aideen is very knowledgeable, caring and went beyond expectations when resolving a problem I had with my knee.

Aideen has a great way of describing what the issue is in understandable terms and in her classes gives a lot of one on one attention to ensure that participants are doing the exercises correctly and to their level. I have no hesitation in recommending Aideen!


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