Cancer Care
YOUtherapies cancer care
YOUtherapies cancer care

You might be thinking “how could physio have a role to play in my cancer journey?”. Your physiotherapist has a comprehensive education in the physiological changes associated with disease processes as well as being a biomechanical, movement and exercise specialist.

Aideen has worked as part of surgical and oncology after-care teams and completed additional study on physiotherapy in cancer care and Cyrielle works regularly with men and women before and after pelvic cancer surgeries including prostate, cervical and colorectal cancers.

We can help you to

  • regain mobility and strength after surgery.

  • improve your balance lost from immobility or neuro complications.

  • aid with lymphoedema symptoms and surgical scarring.

  • alleviate and help manage your pain.

  • minimise the risk of bone density loss.

  • improve urinary, faecal and sexual function after pelvic cancer surgeries

Aideen runs physiotherapy bone health sessions for the Clare Cancer Support charity (Sláinte an Chláir) and you can have a listen here to her speaking about the importance of exercise for cancer recovery on Clare FM

She also gets a mention in the Clare Champion here

Cyrielle runs pre and post prostate surgery services also on behalf of Sláinte an Chláir to ensure that all men can access some specialist physiotherapy care. Read about this physio service for prostate cancer in the Clare Champion here and here.

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